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SPUDAA-NA stands for St. Paul University Dumaguete Alumni Association of North America. Our members are primarily 'Paulinians' -- one who is or was a student at St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) in Dumaguete City, Philippines, in particular. As a chapter, SPUDAA-NA membership extends to affiliates (from the SPU System) and associates (spouses, family, and friends)  who support our mission and who volunteer and contribute towards our goals.


Seeking out other Paulinians and acknowledging the desire to establish strong bonds with our alma mater and its alumni association (SPUDAA), Paulinians from across the U.S.A. and Canada gathered at the Sheraton Hotel Research Triangle Park in Durham, NC, on October 27-29, 2006 to formally establish a nonprofit organization in North America. The event also coincided with St. Paul University Dumaguete's Founder's Day Celebration in the Philippines. The significance of the first formal gathering or "tapok-tapok" of Paulinians in North America was made more memorable by the fun and advisory presence of a popular Paulinian mentor, Sari Saavedra, who brought over our alma mater's congratulatory messages of support and wishes. In between sight-seeing tours and parties, were long hours of putting together our organizational vision and mission and goals which to this day bind us in support of our alma mater as an educational institution and as a vehicle for sustainable development, environmental advocacy,  and community service.


We envision the "Paulinian Spirit In Action" -- and that is a strong, effective and permanent Alumni Association that:

  • Supports the development and progress of St. Paul University Dumaguete and surrounding communities through cultural, educational, humanitarian, and social activities.

  • Promotes the “Paulinian Spirit” and enhances fellowship among its members;

  • Recognizes the achievements of Paulinians, serves the needs of its members, and takes pride in sharing with others; and

  • Articulates the desire of its members to establish strong bonds with SPUD and the SPUD Alumni Association and its chapters.

Photos (from the top):

  1. October 27-29:  2006: “Building SPUDAA-NA: A Strategic Planning Conference”, Sheraton Hotel/Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC

  2. August 10-12, 2007: “Unity of Paulinians Everywhere” 2nd Annual Conference

       Rosemont/Chicago, IL

   3. August 8-10, 2008:  SPUDAA-NA: Green & Growing” 3rd Annual Conference,

       San Diego, CA

   4. July 10-12, 2009: “Keeping the Spirit Alive” 4th Annual Conference,           

       Bloomington, MN

If you share this vision, we invite you to join us!


1.   To support cultural, educational, social, and humanitarian programs that promote the Paulinian ideals and spirit of learning, fellowship, and service;


2.   To contribute to the sustainable development and progress of  St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) and its surrounding communities  in the Philippines;


3.  To promote cultural enrichment and social camaraderie, and to recognize the individual and professional achievements of members; and

4.  To create strong bonds with the SPUD Alumni Association and its chapters.  

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The Challenge for Paulinians and Friends   

To all who had stood in the halls of St. Paul University Dumaguete (formerly St. Paul College)

and had enjoyed the gifts of learning, fellowship and community — please ask:

What Can I Do To Help? 

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