​​​​​​Educational, Environmental, Health & Humanitarian Support

Special Board Appointments

[Pending Project Support Re-Configuration & Re-Appointments]

SPUD Project Support Coordination: Tim McGloin, SPUDAA-NA Coordinator
Disaster Relief Assistance: Davey Flores Vernier, Team Leader

Health/Integrative Med/Nursing: Herminia G. Flores, Team Leader
Reforestation/Adopt-A-Tree: Lu Mongcopa Munroe, Team Leader

Scholarship/Fellowship: Linda McGloin, Team Leader

Sustainable Eco-Farm Development: Tim McGloin, Team Leader

SPUDAA-NA Fund Development/Fund Raising for SPUD Project Support:

Gloria Flores Millare, Committee Chair

Members: Suzette de Mira Foroozan, Marlene Portillo-Canicosa,

Rosalinda Acupanda McGloin, Tim McGoin 

Paulinian Alumni of North America -- working hard ... seriously!​

​​​Board of Directors 2018-2020


Suzette de Mira Foroozan (MN), Board Chair/Executive
Lilibeth Flores Ledda (CT), Secretary/Membership Chair
Herminia G. Flores (IL), Treasurer/Finance Chair

Rebecca Sison Reyes (CA), Auditor
Rosalinda Acupanda McGloin (NC), Publications/Fund Dev

Gloria Flores Millare (IL), Fundraising/Fund Development Chair

Georgina (Gigi) Villahermosa Ohland (CA), Events/Planning

Marlene Portillo-Canicosa, Board Member/Fundraising

Rose Mila Cipres Jaucian, ex officio/Past Board Chair

The Challenge

To all who have stood in the halls of St. Paul University Dumaguete (formerly St. Paul College) and had enjoyed the gifts of learning, fellowship, and community — please ask: 

What Can I Do To Help? 
To Dumaguete Paulinians: We need to show our commitment and support for our Alma Mater as it continues to sharpen the minds and broaden the vision of its students to better serve their local and global communities.  Let us work together as Paulinians do.

To Paulinian Associates & Affiliates, Supporters and Friends:  We need as many people of good heart to help make SPUDAA-NA a success. 

We are often reminded that the tasks ahead are immense.

We simply need to put our words and intentions into action. ​​

Mission and Goals

It is the mission of the SPUDAA-NA to support educational, cultural, social, and humanitarian programs that promote the Paulinian ideals and spirit of learning, fellowship, and service. The SPUDAA-NA’s primary goal is to contribute to the development and progress of  St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) and its surrounding communities  in the Philippines.  As an association whose membership is composed of Paulinians and their families and friends in North America, the SPUDAA-NA is also established to:

  • Promote cultural enrichment and social camaraderie among members,
  • Recognize the individual and professional achievements of members, and
  • Create strong bonds with the SPUD Alumni Association and its chapters.


​SPUDAA-NA Admin/Operations
Arlene Pastor – Email/Listserv Manager

Luisa Mongcopa Munroe - Facebook
Linda McGloin – Website Administrator/Editor

Joe Jaucian - Newsletter Editor

Recommended Actions:  "Sharing of Talent and Treasure" 

  • Be a member. Request for a Membership Form or sign up online.
  • Be an active participant -- attend biennials, participate in conference calls, and share your knowledge and expertise to help strengthen, enrich, and promote SPUDAA-NA.
  • Be a volunteer -- serve on the Board or in any operating/program committee or two.
  • Be a donor  -- your generosity provides continuing project support.   

​SPUDAA-NA 6th Biennial


Date & Venue: TBA

For 2022 conference information, contact:

SPUDAA-NA Board Chair

Suzette de Mira Foroozan


SPUDAA-NA Event Chair

Georgina (Gigi) Villahermosa Ohland



or go to:​ CONTACT US menu

to send an email. 

​​​Main Office Address:


2500 W. Higgins Rd., Suite 340

Northwest Corporate Center

​Hoffman Estates, IL  60169

SPUDAA-NA Contact:

Suzette de Mira Foroozan

SPUDAA-NA Board Chair


Main Office & Fund Development Contact:

Gloria Flores Millare​​, M.D.




International Liaisons

Nanen & Minda de Mira

​​​SPUDAA-NA Publications

SPUDAA-NA reserves the right to print or post materials that are appropriate for publication.

For any post on this website, go to CONTACT US menu. 
To send photos for Photo Gallery, please save as jpg or png format and email directly to: Website Administrator/Editor:

Linda McGloin


For membership-related news and articles to print in newsletter, send to Newsletter Editor

Joe Jaucian


If needing further assistance, go to CONTACT US menu to send an email.

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