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Paulinian "Tapok-Tapok"

Re-Igniting the "Paulinian Spirit" Amid the Pandemic in Present and Future Gatherings

2020: June 26-27 --CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

"SPUDAA-NA At A Crossroad: What's Next for 2020-2022"

5th Biennial Tapok-Tapok, Anaheim, CA 

2018: June 21-24

"Navigating the Future ... Share the Vision"

4th Biennial Tapo-Tapok, Las Vegas, NV

2016: June 24-26

"Re-Ignite the Passion"

3rd Biennial Tapok-Tapok, Des Plaines-Chicago, IL

2014: June 13-15

"Green & Gold Fest in TitleTown

2nd Biennial Tapok-Tapok, Green Bay, Wisconsin

2012: June 28-July 1

"Hudyaka Sa LA"

1st Biennial Tapok-Tapok, Anaheim, CA

2010: June 25-27

"The Journey East"

5th Annual Conference, Newark, NJ

2009: July 10-12

“Keeping the Spirit Alive”

4th Annual Conference, Bloomington, MN

2008: August 8-10 

"SPUDAA-NA: Green & Growing”

3rd Annual Conference, San Diego, CA

2007: August 10-12

2nd Annual Conference

"Unity of Paulinians Everywhere"

2nd Annual Conference, Rosemont-Chicago, IL

2006: October 27 - 29

"Building SPUDAA-NA: A Strategic Planning Conference"

Sheraton Hotel/RTP, Raleigh-Durham, NC

pic2-2007 Rosemont, IL.PNG

2022:  Date - TBA for Virtual Conference

           Details - TBA

2024:  Date - TBA for either Virtual or In-Person 

           Details - TBA

The Challenge: ​​

Re-Igniting and Navigating 

The Future Together Amid Covid

The year 2022 marks SPUDAA-NA's 16th anniversary, paving the way towards a significant celebration of a dozen and a half years at the next biennial in 2024. We call upon each and every Paulinian and associate, affiliate, and honorary member in North America and in other countries outside the Philippines, to step up and help take "the passion" that lit a small corner of southeast, USA in 2006. It blazed across the mid west, the west coast, the east coast, back to the west, then "re-ignited" back to the mid west, and then back to a 3rd return to the west only to be stopped on its track with the covid-19 pandemic that practically put a stop to everything as we know it.


Looking back at the 3rd biennial back in Chicago, SPUDAA-NA reached its first significant milestone in 2016 - a decade of growth and development, especially in terms of project support. We can all look back with pride since much has been accomplished. The future will always pose a challenge, but we all know that we can do better and more. We need each and everyone's input to take SPUDAA-NA through to the next decade. With the inspiring presence and message from Sr. Joseline Lasala, SPC and President of SPUD, and from Nella Ramos Ibarra, SPUD's Alumni Officer,  the 4th Biennial in Las Vegas was an exciting setting to continue the work of navigating the future and sharing the vision.


So now, we are, indeed, facing the challenge of re-igniting the "Paulinian Spirit" as we continue to navigate amid the  pandemic. SPUDAA-NA is at a crossroad, so what's next?Let's put our heads together and forge ahead -- that's vintage Paulinian. Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

SPUDAA-NA 2016 Chicago-Board members.jpg
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