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1st Paulinian Gathering & Founding of SPUDAA-NA in Durham, NC
Date: October 27-29, 2006     Theme: “A Strategic Planning Conference”     Venue: Sheraton Imperial Hotel at Research Triangle Park in Durham, NC
NC Hosts/Planning Group: Rosalinda Acupanda McGloin, Clementina Lajato  Ouano, Elena Lajato Kramer, and Conchita Acupanda (MD) and Clarita Lajato Rhoades (NC/UK)
Goal: Organization building, strategic planning, and development
Outcomes: Founding of SPUDAA-NA; elected and installed first board of directors, officers, and volunteer administrators; laid the framework for a national/international nonprofit organization; worked on 1st draft of articles of incorporation and bylaws; re-kindled friendships and the Paulinian spirit; developed great camaraderie & fellowship; and received formal recognition as an international chapter by SPUD.

Certificate Awards: Framed certificates from SPUD were presented to NC hosts and conference organizers by Ms. Rosario L. Saavedra, Keynote Speaker/SPUD Faculty & SPUDAA Alumni Representative to 1st Conference, and by Dr. Manuel M. Garcia, SPUD Alumni Association Board Member & International Liaison.

SPUDAA-NA 2006 Founding Members:

Conchita B. Acupanda (MD)Nila de Mira Roxas (CA)Oscar Millare (IL)Fernando Lajato (IL)
Braddock Calumpang (CA)Pilaroca Pinili Silva (NH)Gloria Flores Millare (IL)Bernice Lajato (IL)
Rosemarie Pinili Feit (NJ)Manuel M. Garcia (CAN)Francisco Pacis (WV)Elena Lajato Kramer (NC)
Herminia G. Flores (IL)Linda D. Garcia (CAN)Flora Flores Pacis (WV)Mel Ouano (NC)
Corazon D. Hermosa (NY)Dave Goodman (NY)Robert Rowland (MI)Clementina Lajato Ouano (NC)
Jovito G. Inoferio (MN)Epie Mongcopa Goodman (NY)Fe Desear Rowland (MI)Claire Lajato Rhoades (NC)
Rosemarie D. Lagman (IL)Tim McGloin (NC)Bienvenido Valencia (NJ)
Arlene D. Pastor (VA)Rosalinda Acupanda McGloin (NC)Teresita Pinili Valencia (NJ)

2nd Annual Conference in Chicago, IL
Date: August 9-11, 2007     Theme: “Unity Of Paulinians Everywhere”     Venue: Wyndham Hotel in Chicago, IL
Hosts/Planning Group: Chicago/MidWest Region: Gloria Flores Millare, Irene Meehleib, Veronica Meehleib, Rosalie M. Demitropoulos, Virgie Las Piñas, Rose Marie Lagman,

                                                                                   Robert Castillo, Edgar Deloria, and Herminia Flores.
Goal: Program, membership, and fund development
Outcomes: Conference body identified 5 SPUD projects to support; organized a support team for each project, appointed a team leader for each support team (Tita Acupanda for Eco-SWARM, Lu Munroe for Reforestation, Herminia Flores for Rural Health Clinics, Epie Mongcopa Goodman for Course-Related Materials for Nursing Students, and Fe Desear Rowland for Outreach/Prison Ministry); confirmed goals established by each team, and appointed an overall project support coordinator (Tim McGloin) to monitor and coordinate project support activities. Also, increased membership, fellowship, and camaraderie; and first fund raising a big success.
Certificate Awards: Framed Certificates of Appreciation from SPUD Alumni Association (SPUDAA) awarded to Founders for dedication and commitment to establish SPUDAA-NA and promote the Paulinian spirit in North America.

3rd Annual Conference in San Diego, CA
Date: August 8-10, 2008     Theme: “SPUDAA-NA: Green and Growing”     Venue: Arranged sites in Rancho Peñasquitos/San Diego area
Hosts/Planning Group: Ron Somera, Joe Laguda, and Jojo Garrovillo
Goal: To balance work and fun in implementing action plans
Outcomes: Board-approved merging 2 health-related project support teams (Health & Nursing Dept Support with Herminia Flores as project support team leader), thus bringing total number of support teams down to 4; approved fund allocations to be coordinated by each team leader for identified SPUD projects, elected/re-elected officers for 2008-2010; set up and appointed chairs or contact for Scholarship Program, Certificate Awards Committee, Special Project Initiative (Paulinian Memories), and Northeast Regional Chapter. Likewise, re-confirmed Assoc. Member Tim McGloin as overall project support coordinator, including coordination of SPUD-LRC grant resource/research assistance; and presented certificates of recognition and appreciation:
2008 Special Awards: Outstanding Paulinian Achievement Award to Manuel M. Garcia for his contribution to science and agriculture, his election to the NAST Philippines, and the formation of the SPUD Alumni Chapter in N.A.; Special Presidential Award to Flora Flores Pacis for continued commitment and promotion of the ‘Paulinian Spirit’ by example and dedication.
Certificates of Appreciation & Gratitude - to operational officers & volunteers: List on file.
Certificates of Appreciation: issued to project support team leaders, to San Diego 2008 Host/Planning Group: and to Chicago 2007 Conference Planning Group: Lists on file.

4th Annual Conference in Bloomington, MN
Date: July 10-12, 2009     Theme: “Keeping The Spirit Alive”     Venue: Country Inn & Suites Bloomington at  Mall of America (MOA)
Hosts/Planning Group: Suzette de Mira Foroozan, Marlou de Mira Hough, and Gloria Umbac Winter
Goal: To strengthen organizational infrastructure, policies, and programs
Outcomes/2008-09 Accomplishments:  Obtained federal tax-exempt 501c3 nonprofit status, and therefore all donations, contributions, or gifts to SPUDAA-NA are tax deductible; transferred to the Secretary/Archives all documents, including bylaws(rev3), copies of which were also issued to all board members; newly established committees (Certificate Awards and Scholarship Program) drafted their corresponding guidelines and criteria; approved disbursal of Board-approved allocation to SPUD’s Eco-SWARM and Reforestation projects, for initial partial request for support of SPUD’s Outreach/Prison Ministry Project; and mobilized organizational and individual support for SPUD-Learning Resource Center thru SPUDAA General Office fundraising initiative; identified and announced Aldwin L. Elevera as the 1st SPUDAA-NA Scholar for the school year period beginning 2009-2010; and at SPUD Homecoming Dinner & Golden Jubilee Celebration October 2009, a group of SPUDAA-NA jubilarians formally presented to SPUD President Sr. Ma. Nilda Masirag, SPC, and to Sr. Pura Villanueva, spc, SPUD Alumni Director, an SPUDAA-NA check of support for targeted projects at SPUD, including for the Learning Resource Center.
Certificate Awards: Awards list on file.

5th Annual Conference in Newark, NJ
Date: June 25-27, 2010     
Theme: The Jouney East     Venue: Country Inn & Suites Newark Int’l Airport Hotel and Sheraton Airport Hotel Ballroom
Hosts/Planning Group: Co-Hosts Terry Pinili Valencia & Maida V. Bagtas/Northeast Region chaired by Lu Munroe
Goals: Fund development/fundraising for continuing support of SPUD projects, scholarship, and for disaster relief; change annual meetings to biennial with teleconferences.
Outcomes/2009-10 Accomplishments: Event hosts delivered the numbers and the dollars, e.g., attendance more than doubled, number of ads more than tripled; very successful fundraising through donations; volunteer services and in-kind donations reduced expenses; set up Disaster Relief Emergency Fund Committee; identified SPUD student to receive full scholarship; first significant fund balance after main event and special mailings; and formally changed general membership meeting from annual to biennial starting 2012. Special guest: Sari L. Saavedra
Certificate Awards: list on file

1st Biennial Conference in Anaheim/LA
Date:  June 29 - July 1, 2012     Theme:  ”Hudyaka Sa LA 2012”     Venue:  Anaheim Garden Grove Hotel
Hosts/Planning Group:  Bobbob Flores, Moxy de Mira, Danny Martinez, Braddock Calumpang, Bert Sandiego
Goals: Reconnect, recollect, and recommit
Outcomes/2010-2012 Accomplishments: Replenishment of Scholarship Fund at SPUD; self-published “favorite recipes” cookbook compiled by Louella de Mira Moscowitz (Special Projects Initiative) became a fundraiser; first telecom meeting by the Board; most number (and impressive age range!) of guests at dinner-dance; lively participation, and thoughtful recommendations by members at general membership sessions; first close-door session by the board; first glossy souvenir program from cover to cover; first outdoor Sunday mass for members with adhoc choir led by Sari Saavedra; most attended Sunday picnic—great attendance and great weather were perfect for reconnections and recollections. Special guest: Sari L. Saavedra
Certificate Awards: On file

2nd Biennial Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Date: June 13 - June 15, 2014     Theme: “Tapok-Tapok Sa Green Bay ~ Green & Gold Fest in Titletown”     Venue: Radisson Hotel & Convention Center
Hosts/Planning Group: Rose Mila & Joe Jaucian; Virgie las Pinas, Suzette Foroozan
Goals: Develop strategies for organizational structure and development, and for program support
Outcomes: Board confirmed group consensus/action on the following: 1) Need for sustainable leadership-organize active committees each with goals and timelines; 2)Maintain communication among Board members with monthly emails and occasional conference calls as needed; 3) When members visit SPUD, share news and updates on projects and any relevant news; 4) Maintain publications- newsletter and website; 5)Recruitment of new members; and 6) Explore strategies for fund-raising
Certificate Awards: On file.

3rd Biennial Conference in Chicago, Illinois
Date: June 24 - 26, 2016     Theme: “Re-Ignite the Passion"     Venue:  Hilton Garden Inn-Des Plaines
Hosts/Planning Group: Rosemarie D. Lagman, Veronica Meehleib, Gloria Flores Millare, Herminia Flores, Edgar Deloria, Malene Canicosa, Virgie las Piñas, Rosalie Meehleib

                                     Demitropoulus, and Irene Meehleib
Goals: Support for HS tuition-gap, eco-scholarship, income-generating and sustainable projects at SPUD campus+farm; and for SPUDAA-NA to develop fundraising strategies.

Outcomes: Delivery of funds to cover H.S. tuition-gap, for eco-scholarship; for mushroom project on campus and organic income-generating projects at Calo Farm.  

                  Re SPUDAA-NA fundraising strategies - to be proposed at 4th "tapok-tapok" in Las Vegas.


Outcomes: TBA