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Suzette de Mira Foroozan

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Gloria Flores Millare​​, M.D.



Sr. Nintha Lucilla Baldado, SPC

St. Paul University Dumaguete

President, 2010-2016

Project Support Report: 2014-2016
During the years of SPUD President Sr. Nintha Lucilla Baldado's stewardship, SPUD projects were generally referred to as Environmental Stewardship Programs and Community Extension Projects (ESP/CEP). SPUDAA-NA supported the following SPUD and SPUDAA-NA projects :

​​​​SPUD Calo Farm: An Integrated Learning Laboratory for Sustainability
The Farm is a successful and growing income-producing enterprise which can impact beyond the walls of SPUD and the communities it serves. The many exciting aspects of this project include plans for integration into the SPUD curriculums at all levels, providing nutritional and disease prevention education and natural products resource through a community health clinic; the development of on-site solar energy resources to help take the farm off the grid; and an entrepreneurial processing center that can serve as a model project with applications to higher learning institutions throughout the country. Also integrated into the Calo Farm are the activities of what was formerly called Eco-SWARM, e.g., recycling, composting, and vermiculture for organic fertilizers. As the Calo Farm expands with more hands-on field research and development application into innovative job training projects, it will eventually fulfill the goals and functions of what was previously known as the SPUD Learning Resource Center.

SPUD College of Nursing Health Advocacy
Provides support to Nursing Department students who voluntarily conduct educational programs to surrounding communities, and for equipment the Nursing Department needs for instructional purposes. Additional support for this effort will be needed when the planned clinic becomes a reality, and provides more opportunities for nursing students.

SPUD Adopt-A-Tree Reforestation Project
This award-winning program has one of the highest success rates in the Philippines and involves a collaboration of the provincial Department of Environmental Resources and SPUD students in the planting of indigenous seedlings in de-forested areas.  Its success is due in part to a unique strategy of training local farmers for the monitoring and nurturing process and educating local communities on the vital need for forest stewardship.

SPUD Outreach/Emergency Assistance Due To Natural Disasters
Given that the Philippines sits on a natural disaster-prone area in the world and vulnerable to climate change, there is an urgent need to develop a contingency or emergency fund in order to immediately respond to calls for assistance in addressing urgent needs of affected communities, especially those surrounding SPUD and where there are sister schools or other institutions under the SPU University System (SPUS). ​

SPUD Outreach/Prison Ministry Project
SPUD faculty and students conduct visitation and support activities for those in the local prisons and for their families who often need follow-up support and counseling in dealing with family members being released back to their communities. There have been recent changes in faculty involvement and coordination of this program.  Follow-up efforts will be needed to re-establish SPUDAA-NA support.​

SPUDAA-NA Scholarship Grant at SPUD
Since its inception in 2006, SPUDAA-NA has provided SPUD students with scholarship support. Guidelines and criteria have been established for the selection of an eligible and deserving student. After SPUDAA-NA's first six years of the scholarship program, the need to simplify funding was proposed at the 2nd SPUDAA-NA Biennial in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The adjustment simply calls for SPUDAA-NA to decide the amount of scholarship it can afford as the grant award per year or per semester, and to be channeled annually or by semester directly to the SPUD Office of Business & Finance primarily for tuition or required school fees of named "SPUDAA-NA Scholar".  ​​​

SPUDAA-NA Fellowship Support for SPUD Exposure to Herbal Gardens, Alternative Healing/Integrative Medicine programs, and Cooperative Entrepreneurship Processing in NC (August 2014)

SPUD Fellows/Faculty:

Sr. Nintha Lucilla Badado, SPC, SPUD President

Sr. Mila Grace Silab, SPC, SPUD Nursing School Dean

Sr. Mercedita Ang, SPC, SPUS System President, Philippines


  • Chapel Hill: UNC Medicinal/Natural Products and Integrative Medicine programs
  • Durham-Duke University: Global Health Initiatives, Integrative Medicine Campus
  • Aheville/Burnsville: NC State Agricultural Ext. programs, cooperative processing demos, and herbal gardens tour/on-site seminar.

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