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To Paulinians and Prospective Members


We look forward to your participation in the SPUDAA-NA, which aims to preserve and promote the Paulinian ideals and spirit of service through cultural and educational, humanitarian and social activities. We have all the makings of a vibrant and fun organization, but we need you to join us in pursuing our shared vision and dream as Paulinians in North America.


At the first gathering, “Building SPUDAA-NA: A Strategic Planning Conference” held Oct 27-29, 2006 in Durham, NC, those present tried to articulate what “a Paulinian” is. What followed was a hilarious sharing of experiences at good old SPCD! After lots of memory recall and laughter (and tears from more laughter!), the group addressed and responded to the following question which could very well serve as the basis for signing up as a SPUDAA-NA member. 




The SPUDAA-NA vision is a strong, effective and permanent Alumni Association that:

·   Is composed of Paulinians, their spouses, relatives, and friends, residing in North America;

·   Promotes the “Paulinian Spirit” and enhances fellowship among its members;

·   Recognizes the achievements of Paulinians, serves the needs of its members, and takes pride

    in sharing with others;

·   Articulates the desire of its members to establish strong bonds with St. Paul University Dumaguete

    (SPUD) and the St. Paul University Dumaguete Alumni Association (SPUDAA) and its chapters;

·   Supports the development and progress of St. Paul University Dumaguete and its

    surrounding communities; and

·   Promotes cultural, educational, humanitarian and social activities in support of all the above.


If interested, come join us. Click on 

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